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LED Foam Stick Video

LED Foam Stick Video:
Spread the spirit, support your team & illuminate the stands with 16″ Foam LED Cheer Sticks! These Light Up Team Spirit Sticks will boost your pep rallies & bring people together in the name of winning!  Choose from 5 different LED colors. 16″ Foam LED Cheer Sticks will no doubt get your beloved team pumped & headed toward the championships!…

Sound Activated LED Shutter Shades

Sound Activated LED Shutter Shades
Get ready to crazy ! Get these shades right now, that is. GF brand LED audio responsive glasses that light up to the beat of the music. Wear them in the club, music festival, rave, or wherever you can find sound. These glasses automatically adjust the audio sensor according to the volume of the surrounding environment, allowing…